Nail Make-Up

New Nail Make-Up Ideas for 2020

In the nail polish trends inspired by spring 2020 fashion shows, we see many different options from crazy patterns to geometric shapes. You can upgrade your mod by trying nail polish trends, which are the reflection of the styles we see in makeup trends!

If you want a fresh nature touch for your manicure, add pastel greens to your nail polish collection.

Soft, harmonious and silent gray is one of the new favorites of those who use wild colors on their nails. If you are bored with nude shades, head for this light-tone neutral look.

It is a great option for those who want to carry the warm and vibrant yellow sun’s warmth to their nails.

Red nails are a must in every season. Use red in your manicure as well as make up your 2020 beauty.

Carry the bronze glow of the sun-touching skin to your nails in spring. The metallic tone is the new favorite of feminine and trendy looks.

Metallic orange is one of the most distinctive colors of the season for those who want a warm, striking and assertive look.

Pay attention to this color! One of the rising colors of makeup, lilac will add a cool and new touch to your nails.

Classic blue, the color of the year, is one of the favorite colors of colorful cosmetics this season. Give a chance to deep ocean shades for a dark toned manicure.

The size and shine of the glitter is increasing. When you want to decorate your nails and want to get out of line, raise your manicure shine with party-themed glitter.

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