One of the most important nights of the year is approaching at full speed! If you have special plans for New Year’s Eve, you have already started preparations. Or do you still not know what to wear, what makeup to wear and which hairstyle to use? We can not know the clothes and makeup business, but you can find the inspiration you are looking for in this article!

My hair is curly, I want to weave, but it is not clear, do not say. In curly hair, weave can create a nice look. If you say my hair looks beautiful and beautiful, this model is for you.

Do not have time, do not hurry, do not rush. Your hair, which you will fasten with a hairpin from the neck, will both swing and draw attention.

There is no hair that the braid will not attract. You can draw attention by weaving your hair from the side and gathering it from the side.

Two pinches of knitting, some bun. As with any hairstyle, it is savior and stylish on curly hair.

Whether it is a tight bun or a messy, curly hair, the best fit model is the fact that it is a bun. With this different knob, you will be immediately noticed in the environment you enter.

You can apply the trend hair half braid of the season.

A bun from below and a braid from the edge. Is it possible to look more pleasant than this?

It is possible to transform curly hair, which is more difficult to shape, into a very pleasant atmosphere with different forms of collection. Here we have given you ideas about great curly hairstyles…